How To Protect Your Brain From Electro Magnetic Fields

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How To Protect Your Brain From Electro Magnetic Fields
By Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen

There can be no denying the ever increasing use of electronic equipment is putting increasing strain on our bodies and minds. EMF, (electro magnetic fields) have penetrated even rural areas.

Manmade EMFs not only wreak havoc with our brains, they have destroyed the PH balance of the soil, depleting our food of vital minerals. The atmosphere in our homes and offices lacks life giving negative ions.

The military is using complex weather modification technology which has destroyed natural weather cycles. You pick up these frequencies anywhere without your awareness. Micro electronic frequencies penetrate the walls of buildings, the soil, and our food and drink. The cell memory of matter is altered or destroyed leading to deficiencies and the appearance of strange illnesses not seen before.

My research shows that things are for worse than most of us realise:

We are continually adding to a system already overloaded with more cell phone towers and other electronic equipment. Electricity, as it is used today is outdated and is further polluting the atmosphere. New technologies are slow to come on stream.

I have no sure way of knowing whether we can produce free electricity today, but I believe we are very close.

I do know though that we can neutralise and even reverse the effects of many environmental pollutants

HOLISTIC Feng Shui is a technique that focuses on returning balance to our offices and homes the natural way. It uses strategies and tools that bring you into harmony with your environment

HOLISTIC Feng Shui focuses on strategies that make you and your environment more resilient. Let’s look at some more unpalatable facts before we talk about one of the HOLISTIC Feng Shui techniques you can implement right away:

Many studies now show that 60 % of all illness is caused by exposure to manmade electro magnetic fields

When you are sitting in an office with wi-fi connections your brain’s ability to focus is severely impaired. Over time your immune function is reduced.

The low frequencies from cell phone towers alter normal brain function, leading to dysfunctional behaviour because the brain gets agitated.

When you are exposed to EMF, (electro magnetic fields) from your cell phone, your computer or from wi-fi towers it’s like touching a weak electric fence over and over again

Regular brief exercises boost your brain power and get the energies moving

Regular short exercise breaks re-fuel your brain with oxygen. The energy starts moving faster through your body. The effect is calming and soothing for your brain.

You feel more alert and your mood improves, and you release toxics too.

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do to protect your brain from harmful energies in your environment. Cell towers are not going to go away tomorrow, it is up to us to find ways to protect ourselves and take responsibility for the environment.

Working on ourselves and cleaning up our environments are obvious steps everyone can take.

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